Hattiesburg, MS welfare resources are available through 734 different outlets. Find the nearest location and make contact with a welfare provider today.

Also, find emergency shelters in Hattiesburg. Look up children shelters, emergency shelters, domestic violence shelters or homeless shelters in Hattiesburg and tap into their available resources.

Name Address Phone
American Red Cross606 Hutchinson Ave, Hattiesburg, MS(601) 582-8151
American Red Cross95 Wl Runnels Industrial Dr900, Hattiesburg, MS(601) 544-1994
American Red Cross401 W Oak St, Laurel, MS(601) 426-9071
ASA Archery Campground962 Sullivan Dr, Hattiesburg, MS(601) 583-7500
Association-Retarded Citizens65 Bonhomie Rd, Hattiesburg, MS(601) 583-4251
Association-Retarded Citizens138 Wisteria Trl, Laurel, MS(601) 426-2944
Brothers Keeper Ministries310 E Smith St, Poplarville, MS(601) 795-3173
Catholic Services208 S 25th Ave, Hattiesburg, MS(601) 545-1616
Catholic Social Services2707 McInnis Loop, Hattiesburg, MS(601) 261-5320
CH Community Action Agency118 Garden Rd, Laurel, MS(601) 428-4522
Christian Food Mission506 Chantilly St, Laurel, MS(601) 428-0136
Christian Services Inc301 E 2nd St, Hattiesburg, MS(601) 582-5683
Civil DefenseColumbia Ave, Prentiss, MS(601) 792-5377
Council On Aging433 Arco Ln, Laurel, MS(601) 426-9009
County Of Covington: Social Services107 Arrington Dr, Collins, MS(601) 765-6585