York, PA welfare resources are available through 709 different outlets. Find the nearest location and make contact with a welfare provider today.

Also, find emergency shelters in York. Look up children shelters, emergency shelters, domestic violence shelters or homeless shelters in York and tap into their available resources.

Name Address Phone
American Cancer Society924 Colonial Ave # N, York, PA(717) 852-0919
American Red Cross724 S George St, York, PA(717) 845-2751
American Red Cross529 Carlisle St, Hanover, PA(717) 637-3768
American Red Cross60 W Emaus St, Middletown, PA(717) 948-3060
Atkins House307 E King St, York, PA(717) 848-5454
Bell Social Services409 W King St, York, PA(717) 845-6919
Bell Socialization Services160 S George St, York, PA(717) 848-5767
Bell Socialization Services61 Fox Run Dr, York, PA(717) 741-5874
Bell Socialization1035 S Pine St, York, PA(717) 718-3794
Bell Socialization3955 W Market St, York, PA(717) 792-2976
Big Brothers Big Sisters227 W Market St, York, PA(717) 843-0051
Big Brothers Big Sisters8 E High St, Elizabethtown, PA(717) 361-9226
Boy Scouts Of America2139 White St, York, PA(717) 843-2042
Case Management Services CPC30 E King St, York, PA(717) 845-7176
Catholic Charities253 E Market St, York, PA(717) 845-2696