Children of Women Vietnam Veterans Health Care Benefits Program

Veterans Health Administration (VHA) in Disability Assistance
December 19, 2018


The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) Children of Women Vietnam Veterans (CWVV) Health Care Benefits Program provides reimbursement for medical care related to covered birth defects and conditions associated with a covered birth defect except for Spina Bifida. CWVV is administered by the Chief Business Office Purchased Care located in Denver, Colorado.

VA can also reimburse expenses for covered travel to and from your doctor or health care facility within a reasonable commuting area. Preauthorization is required for travel outside of the commuting area.

Additionally, some services require specific advance approval or preauthorization.


Children of Women Vietnam Veterans Health Care Benefits Program is administered by Veterans Health Administration (VHA).

Program Requirements:

If you are a female Vietnam Veteran with a child who has a birth defect or you are a child of a female Vietnam Veteran with a birth defect, the child may be eligible for VA-financed health care.

If you have any birth defect, we urge you to apply and let us determine whether you are eligible.

Application Details

Health care benefits are based on eligibility determinations made by the Denver VA Regional Office. You must first contact the Denver VA Regional Office, at 1-888-820-1756, to initiate the application process.

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