Travel Reimbursement

Veterans Health Administration (VHA) in Healthcare
December 19, 2018


The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is authorized to provide eligible Veterans and other beneficiaries mileage reimbursement, common carrier (plane, train, bus, taxi, light rail etc.), or when medically indicated "special mode" (ambulance, wheelchair van) transport for travel to and from VA, or VA authorized non-VA health examination, treatment, or care.


Travel Reimbursement is administered by Veterans Health Administration (VHA).

Program Requirements:

Veterans qualify for travel benefits if:

  • In a receipt of a single or combined service-connected (SC) disability rating of 30 percent or more
  • Travel is in connection with care for a SC disability
  • In receipt of a VA pension
  • Previous calendar year does not exceed maximum VA pension rate
  • Projected income for travel year does not exceed maximum VA pension rate
  • Travel is for a compensation and pension exam
  • Travel is to obtain a service dog
  • Travel is related to rehabilitative care as defined in PL 114-223 for Spinal Cord Injury/Disorder, Vision impairment, or Double/Multiple Amputation.

Certain non-Veterans may receive travel at VA expense:

  • Allied Beneficiaries if country reimburses VA
  • Attendants: When clinically determined by a VA provider that, due to a travel eligible Veteran's mental or physical condition, an attendant is required when the Veteran is traveling to and from VA or VA authorized care.
  • Beneficiaries of Other Federal Agencies if Agency reimburses VA
  • Donors/Support person: If part of VA transplant care
  • Caregivers who are part of the National Caregiver Support Program

The current mileage reimbursement rate is 41.5 cents with a $3.00 deductible for each one-way trip or $6.00 for each round-trip.

Upon reaching $18.00 in deductibles or six one-way (three round) trips, whichever occurs first, in a calendar month mileage reimbursement payments for the balance of that month will be free of deductible charges. A waiver of deductibles may be afforded to certain Veterans.

To qualify for special mode transportation, a Veteran must meet one of the administrative eligibility criteria; a VA health care provider must determine that a special mode of transport is medically required and be traveling in relation to VA or VA-authorized non-VA care.

Application Details

Beneficiaries may apply for travel orally or in writing generally at the facility where care was provided however, in some cases there may be an alternate process. For more information, go to the Beneficiary Travel office at the treating facility or see the Program Contact Information below.

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