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Government Benefits Available to Citizens of Grandfield, OK

Want to learn more about helpful government programs that you may qualify for? Search over 600 benefit programs available from various government agencies all in one location.

The State Children's Health Insurance Program, also known as SCHIP, provides health care coverage for uninsured infants, children and teenagers in Oklahoma. Oklahoma and every state in the nation have this program. Your child is eligible for SCHIP if...
Head Start is a Federal program that promotes the school readiness of children from birth to age five from low-income families by enhancing their cognitive, social, and emotional development. Head Start programs provide a learning environment that su...
The Oklahoma Department of Human Services, in cooperation with the Federal government, provides seasonal assistance to low-income households to assist with winter heating bills, and to provide help for some families who have received utility cut-off ...
Medicaid is a Federal and State entitlement program that provides medical benefits to low-income individuals who have no or inadequate health insurance coverage. Oklahoma Medicaid guarantees coverage for basic health and long-term c...
The Special Milk Program (SMP) provides milk to children in schools and childcare institutions who do not participate in other Federal meal service programs. The program reimburses schools for the milk they serve. Schools in the National School Lunch...
The Oklahoma Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) provides supplemental foods, nutrition education and referrals to health care, at no cost, to low-income pregnant, breastfeeding and postpartum women, infants,...
The Oklahoma Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) provides nutritious meals to children who would normally receive free or reduced price meals when school is in session. SFSP helps children to maintain a nutritious diet and helps their families to stre...
The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is nationally cited as the "nutrition safety net of the nation". In Oklahoma, food benefits are issued to more than 600,000 adults and children each month. The purpose of SNAP is to supplement elig...
For children deprived of support because of a parent's death, incapacity, absence or unemployment, cash assistance is available to the family on a time-limited basis. The purpose of Oklahoma Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) is to provid...
Unemployment insurance benefits provide temporary financial assistance to workers unemployed through no fault of their own that meet Oklahoma's eligibility requirements....
Department of Energy's (DOE) Weatherization Assistance Program is the nation's largest residential energy efficiency program. Its mission is to insulate the dwellings of low-income persons, particularly the elderly, persons with disabilities, familie...

Other Help & Aid Resources in Grandfield, OK

Grandfield, OK welfare resources are available through different outlets. Find the nearest location and make contact with a community outreach center today.

American Cancer Society

2304 Midwestern Pkwy # 206, Wichita Falls, TX

(940) 264-6176

American Caner Society

1320 NW Homestead Drive Suite D, Lawton, OK

(580) 353-8145

American Heart Association

1705 Dayton Ave, Wichita Falls, TX

(940) 761-5994

American Red Cross

1809 Seymour Hwy, Wichita Falls, TX

(940) 322-8686

American Red Cross

401 W Gore Blvd, Lawton, OK

(580) 355-2481

American Red Cross

1700 Wilbarger St # 22B, Vernon, TX

(940) 552-2991

Association-Retarded Citizens

3307 Buchanan St, Wichita Falls, TX

(940) 692-2303

Beacon Lighthouse Inc

300 7th St, Wichita Falls, TX

(940) 767-0889

Big Brothers Big Sisters

1101 Scott Ave, Wichita Falls, TX

(940) 767-2447

C Carter Crane Shelter

1203 SW Texas Ave, Lawton, OK

(580) 248-0936

Catholic Charities

11 NW 44th St # C, Lawton, OK

(580) 353-1811

Child Advocates

808 Austin St, Wichita Falls, TX

(940) 766-0552

Children's Aid Society

1101 30th St, Wichita Falls, TX

(940) 322-3141

Christmas In Action Wichita Tx

1006 Martin Luther King Blvd, Wichita Falls, TX

(940) 696-9393

Circle of Hope

813 N Beverly Dr, Wichita Falls, TX

(940) 689-9559

Clay County Senior Citizens

216 N Hancock St, Henrietta, TX

(940) 538-5615

Comanche Indian Tribe: Child Welfare Dept

Elgin, OK

(580) 492-3765

Comanche Nation Tribal Complex: Child Welfare

Elgin, OK

(580) 492-3793

Comanche Nation Tribal Complex: Social Services Dept Fax

Elgin, OK

(580) 492-3742

Community Access Inc

1104 SE 36th St, Lawton, OK

(580) 353-2045

Community Action Corporation

405 Walnut St, Wichita Falls, TX

(940) 322-4641

Community Action Development

102 W Texas St, Temple, OK

(580) 342-6967

Community Action Development

Taylor & Main St, Ryan, OK

(580) 757-2235

Falls Home Health Services Inc

1401 Holliday St # 216, Wichita Falls, TX

(940) 766-1990

First Step Family Store

911 Indiana Ave, Wichita Falls, TX

(940) 322-4911