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Social Welfare Services

There are times in all of our lives when the worst, the unthinkable, can happen. Accidents, serious illness or even death can occur, leaving a family reeling from shock and absolutely unable to make ends meet or provide the basic necessities for their family. Also, and especially in today’s fragile economic climate, financial misfortunes can happen in the blink of an eye. Business are downsizing, and even closing, and the loss of a job can happen at any time, to anyone.
At times like those it can be very comforting to learn that there are agencies and people to turn to for advice or assistance, thanks to Social Welfare Services. These welfare services can be used to provide tremendous relief to a family in need, and can often times be the deciding difference between a family or person forced to be homeless out on the streets, and that same person or family being able to afford safe shelter, nourishing food, and clothing.

No matter if you are married, widowed or single, there are a wide range of options available to help you take care of your yourself and your family’s needs. Some of the myriad options for financial assistance are:

  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
  • Child Support
  • Benefits for Immigrants
  • Medicaid
  • The Child Nutrition Programs
  • The Food Stamp Program

This is merely a small portion of the many Social Welfare Services available to you, and each and every one of these programs can offer various family assistance options for families in need. These programs can provide you with extra income to help you pay your bills, food stamps that you can redeem at qualifying grocery stores for nutritious food for your family, assistance with medical problems and prescriptions, and many, many more.

How do you go about applying for and receiving welfare and family assistance? The process of applying for and receiving welfare assistance from a local social welfare office is fairly uncomplicated and straight-forward. Simply search the internet for ‘Social Welfare Services’ or ‘Human Services’ which is the short name for the social welfare department within the federal government. There you should be able to find a social welfare office in your area.
If you still have trouble finding the nearest social welfare office or at least a contact for a state social welfare department look in your Yellow Pages under the government pages in the front of the telephone book. Call the number listed, and you will be given an appointment to go into the social welfare office and speak with a Welfare and Human Services caseworker personally. On your appointed date and time you will meet with your caseworker for a preliminary interview. During this interview your welfare caseworker will then discuss your family’s immediate and long-term financial needs with you, and provide you with a comprehensive list of social welfare services and options available to you, specifically, according to your personal circumstances.

Once your initial interview is completed, your caseworker will provide you with a list of necessary documents to bring at your next appointment. These documents include identification, birth certificates for yourself and your family members, and other documents your caseworker deems necessary. You will also be given advice and assistance in locating any of these important documents that you do not currently have. Once your application is complete and all necessary documents located and filed, you will be given a time-frame in which to expect approval notification and receive your funds or food stamps, and any further instructions necessary.