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Casualties, Disasters, and Theft Benefits

Program Description

The program offers tax relief for casualty losses that result from the destruction of, or damage to your property from any sudden, unexpected, or unusual event such as a flood, hurricane, tornado, fire, earthquake or even volcanic eruption.   

General Program Requirements

In order to qualify for this benefit program, you must be a victim of a Presidentially declared disaster and you must be a taxpayer who is interested in receiving tax information and preparation assistance.

For more detailed requirements, please visit the IRS's Publication 547, Casualties, Disasters, and Thefts.

Your Next Steps

The following information will lead you to the next steps to apply for this program.

Application Process

No application is needed to use this program. However, you must file your taxes using the guidelines posted on the Topic 515 - Casualty, Disaster, and Theft Losses (Including Federally Declared Disaster Areas) page.

Program Contact Information

For more information, visit the Tax Relief in Disaster Situations page.

For additional information contact:
IRS Tax Forms & Publications
1111 Constitution Ave NW
Washington, DC 20224